We have a new office!

This year started with some big events like winning an Asia Design Prize 2018, changing our profile, perfecting the last details of ROEST, and moving to a new office.

2018-06-12 15.12.46.jpg

We love our new place. It is a combination of a workshop, office, brew bar, and beer lounge. In the workshop area we focus, we have all the tools we need to work on ROEST. Also, the atmosphere is peaceful and inspiring.

The office is in Tøyen, this is a great location in Oslo. It has a youthful and modern environment with good options for leisure as restaurants, cafes and parks. Moreover, it is very central, hip and cool with booming nightlife, and with the best coffee culture.

Our landlord is none other than Nordic Approach, one of the world's best coffee importers. They have their new office and cupping lab on the third and fourth floor. On the first floor, Tim Wendelboe has his new roastery, coffee lab and training center. Our office is on the second floor.

We also have three new members in our team. Andrea Worsøe, our IT intern for this summer. She is studying Electronics Systems Design and Innovation (Elektronisk Systemdesign og Innovasjon), at NTNU. Øyvind Dahl is working with the electronics of ROEST, and Maria del Pilar Vogelman is helping with communications and marketing. 

Andrea, Øyvind and Maria. 

Andrea, Øyvind and Maria. 

Needless to say, the doors of our office are open if you want to come and try our roaster an have a coffee with us.


Asia Design Prize 2018 for ROEST

Yes! ROEST is standing out once again and we are proud to share our latest achievement.

In February we won the prestigious Asia Design Prize 2018, awarded by a group of Asian expert designers, who are looking for novel ideas that have a social impact.

The competition committee recognizes the presentation of works that have been developed with creativity and effort, just as we are doing in ROEST.

"This award breaks away from formative simplicity and complexity and grants true value on the potentials of creativity into products as well as outstanding ideas which are specified with outstanding design". By Asia Design Prize


Earlier Awards

Red Dot Award 2017


We got the Red Dot Award in 2017 which is one of the most important design distinctions in the world. They reward the quality and innovation of the new projects.

The winners are published in the Red Dot Design Concept Yearbook. You can check the note about ROEST in this book version 2017/2018 on page 113.


Best New Product Award version Budapest 2017

descarga (1).png

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), every year recognize best new products in the coffee or tea world. ROEST was awarded in the category Technology.

The award is given to new technology "that can solve a business problem, create a business opportunity or enhance an existing business offering in the coffee industry.

We have changed our name!

Our new name is ROEST.

The change is not big. We just changed RØST to ROEST. OE is the English way of writing the Norwegian vowel Ø, so you can say we haven’t changed at all. It is just the English way of writing RØST.

And that’s the reason why we changed so that we more easily can communicate our name to you.

What does ROEST mean? In the old Norwegian language, “å røste” actually means “to roast”.

So, ROEST is officially our trademark.

Cheers to that!


Photo: Steven Stieng