Since the beginning of ROEST's history, we have been featured in different articles and newsletters and won prices. Here you can read more about our latest news and what's happening in our company.


Oldnewsclub By: Steen Hansen

Steen hansen from Sweden wrote an article presenting ROEST for the readers at, highlighting the design and how easy it is to use.

The Caffeine Magazine by: Matthew Robley-Siemonsma


The Caffeine Magazine used a photo of ROEST in an article about the future of coffee roasting and they told us "we wanted to use the image of the RØST as a beautiful roasting machine". 

Asia Design Prize 2018

We won the prestigious Asia Design Prize 2018 awarded by a group of Asian expert designers. The competition committee recognizes the presentation of works that have been developed with creativity and effort just as we are doing in ROEST.

Red dot award – product design

We recently received a Red Dot award in the category product design, and are very proud and thankful for this award. 

Best new product award

RØST was awarded Best New Product in the category technology at World of Coffee in Budapest. The award is given to new technology  "that can solve a business problem, create a business opportunity or enhance an existing business offering in the coffee industry."


"We have entered the golden era of the sexy small-scale roaster..."

We were featured in SPRUDGE, describing RØST as beautifully simple, incredibly versatile, and smart.

Daily Coffee News by Roast magazine

Since 2012, Roast Magazine’s Daily Coffee News has provided essential online reading for specialty coffee professionals. Through all-original content composed of breaking news, in-depth feature stories and insider columns, Daily Coffee News strives to support the responsible growth of the specialty coffee industry, and the success of the incredible people within it.

Todays business' lifestyle magazine

D2 is a Norwegian lifestyle magazine that comes with Today's Business ("Dagens Næringsliv") every friday. The magazine wrote about the Røst under the section “design”.


Kaffe” is published by Norwegian Coffee-information. The magazine publishes two issues every year and they consists of reports and articles as well as various news from the Norwegian and the international coffee world.

The article is from the period when we were making the prototype 3, so it’s from an early stage in the process of making the Røst.


Shifter is an independent online newspaper about Norwegian technology companies in the new economy. This article regards RØST Coffee winning the prestigious Angel Challenge in 2016.

supplement police

Supplement Police is one of the highest health and wellness “rank and review” nutritional supplement websites in the digital cloud. The article is about how RØST not only meet the demands of coffee drinkers, but exceeding them by improving quality and the user friendliness of the machines.

gear for life

"Gear For Live is here to introduce, review, and showcase anything to support a life well lived!". They have written an article regarding all the different features of the RØST Sample Roaster.