ROEST Sample roaster

ROEST Professional Sample Roaster

With increasing demand for specialty coffee, revealing the best flavours of the season has never been as crucial as today.

By combining innovative design and technology, we are delivering sample roasters for some of the most demanding professionals in the coffee industry, meeting their increasing demand for quality and user-friendliness.

Now available in electric version!

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Asia design award.png

Asia Design Prize

ROEST has been granted the prestigious Asia Design Prize 2018, awarded by a group of Asian expert designers.  

Red Dot Award

We are thankful and proud to have received the prestigious Red Dot award.  

Best New Product

ROEST was awarded Best New Product in the category technology at World of Coffee in Budapest.


ROEST Sample roaster


  • Automatic or manual roasting
  • 100% electric powered
  • WiFi for easy monitoring
  • Ultra precise RTD sensors (Up to 4 sensors)
  • Built-in chaff separator
  • Trier for manual roasting
  • Back-to-back roasting capacity
  • Bean cooler with separated ventilation
  • Connection for ventilation hose (recommended)
  • Easy to clean
  • 100 grams capacity (max 120g)

More information

  • Patented roasting chamber, fixed drum with mechanical agitation
  • Design profiles easy in your web browser
    • Download up to 5 profiles directly to the machine
    • Store unlimited number of profiles in your web portal
    • Change profiles during your roast
  • There are 3 main types of profiles you can create:
    • Environmental Temperature (ET) Profiles
    • Bean Temperature (BT) profiles
    • Power (PWR) Profiles
  • Additional profile settings
    • FAN profiles power for the main chamber fan
    • RPM profiles for the mechanical agitation of the coffee beans
    • Automatic profiles based on bean temperature (BT) or time
  • Manual override, with ROEST its easy to take full manual control
    • Every adjustment you do is automatically stored
    • Self-cleaning glass to see the coffee during roasting
    • Trier to improve you manual control of the roast
  • Logging is always running in the background when Wi-Fi connected
  • Live view w/ commenting and reference bean temperature (BT) curves, RoR is coming soon.
  • Roast and cool at the same time with our dual fan system
    • Roasted coffee is cooled down in under 90 sec.
    • Chaff indicator telling you when it’s time to empty the built-in chaff drawer.
  • Min. roast time to First Crack is around 3 minutes for 100g
  • Min. batch size is around 40 grams

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