About us


Trond Simonsen
CEO and co-founder
+47 932 68 767

Sverre Simonsen
CTO and co-founder
+47 924 30 054


Founders and coffee enthusiasts

Our history started when Sverre developed a 1 kg home roaster during his master's degree in mechanical engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. 

In the autumn of 2013 we demonstrated the roaster to Tim Wendelboe and Morten Wennersgaard from Nordic Approach, two very important figures in the world of coffee in Norway. Our plan was to continue working on the home roaster, but after discussing with Tim and Morten, we were challenged to create a better sample roaster.

We received a grant from Innovation Norway and produced our first prototype 6 months later. Now, 4 years later, we have finalized the design, filed a patent and started on the first, sold out, production series. 


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