Why does the market need RØST?

Sample roasting is used to evaluate the quality of coffee. This is done repeatedly throughout the value chain. The quality of coffee varies from farm to farm, and even from harvest to harvest, meaning tens of millions of coffee samples are roasted each year. Due to the rapid growth in demand for speciality coffee, the process of sample roasting has become more important than ever. With the traditional sample roasters, it is hard to roast consistently with high quality, making it difficult to reveal the true quality of the coffee. This makes sample roasting a weak spot in the value chain. Therefore, importers and exporters of coffee need improved sample roasters to increase the efficiency and quality of their work.

Røst Coffee

Our solution is the RØST sample roaster. By combining innovative design and technology, we have developed a sample roaster for the most demanding professionals in the coffee industry, meeting the increasing demand for quality and user-friendliness. With our patent pending solution, we let our customers focus on what really matters; the quality of the coffee. By combining the best features from drum and fluid bed roasters, we have engineered a sample roaster optimized for consistent high quality sample roasting.

Røst Coffee Tray

The RØST sample roaster is engineered to reduce the workload for the user and is easily controlled with the combination of a 5” touch screen and a rotary knob. All the roasting data is saved and is accessible on any device, whether used in manual mode or fully automatic. Through our software, the user can follow the roasting in live view, design new roasting profiles, share them and keep track of cupping data. Simply add 100 grams of coffee and RØST will roast to perfection.