We have changed our name!

Our new name is ROEST.

The change is not big. We just changed RØST to ROEST. OE is the English way of writing the Norwegian vowel Ø, so you can say we haven’t changed at all. It is just the English way of writing RØST.

And that’s the reason why we changed so that we more easily can communicate our name to you.

What does ROEST mean? In the old Norwegian language, “å røste” actually means “to roast”.

So, ROEST is officially our trademark.

Cheers to that!


Photo: Steven Stieng

Filming the RØST

Last week we worked with the talented Magnus Kristiansen on making a new product film for RØST. Espresso Spesialisten borrowed us their very nice premises and we used the whole day filming. Both Trond, Sverre and all the three of us interns were there parts of the day. As an intern in marketing and communication it was exciting to organize and work with this project and see and learn how Magnus works. 

We are very pleased with the result, and hope you enjoy it as well!

Why does the market need RØST?

Sample roasting is used to evaluate the quality of coffee. This is done repeatedly throughout the value chain. The quality of coffee varies from farm to farm, and even from harvest to harvest, meaning tens of millions of coffee samples are roasted each year. Due to the rapid growth in demand for speciality coffee, the process of sample roasting has become more important than ever. With the traditional sample roasters, it is hard to roast consistently with high quality, making it difficult to reveal the true quality of the coffee. This makes sample roasting a weak spot in the value chain. Therefore, importers and exporters of coffee need improved sample roasters to increase the efficiency and quality of their work.

Røst Coffee

Our solution is the RØST sample roaster. By combining innovative design and technology, we have developed a sample roaster for the most demanding professionals in the coffee industry, meeting the increasing demand for quality and user-friendliness. With our patent pending solution, we let our customers focus on what really matters; the quality of the coffee. By combining the best features from drum and fluid bed roasters, we have engineered a sample roaster optimized for consistent high quality sample roasting.

Røst Coffee Tray

The RØST sample roaster is engineered to reduce the workload for the user and is easily controlled with the combination of a 5” touch screen and a rotary knob. All the roasting data is saved and is accessible on any device, whether used in manual mode or fully automatic. Through our software, the user can follow the roasting in live view, design new roasting profiles, share them and keep track of cupping data. Simply add 100 grams of coffee and RØST will roast to perfection.  

Meet our interns

 Interns Røst Coffee

Interns Røst Coffee

This summer we have three interns working with us.
Read more about them here.

 Andreas Truchs

Andreas Truchs


Andreas Truchs
UX-design intern

I am 28 years old, Representing Kristiansand and the beautiful southern parts of Norway. For the past few years I have been studying “design, use and interaction" (interaction/UX design) at UiO. When I am not studying (which of course is always…), I tend to either run or climb as much as possible.

As an intern at Røst I am supposed to be a UX-designer and developer. Which might give me some freedom of choice when it comes to what part I want to spend most of my time focusing on. I am looking forward to test as much of what I have been taught during my education. And of course getting to know both the Røst-team and coffee roasting better.

Hopefully I will learn a whole lot about the processes around roasting coffee, especially with Røst and how this might change some of the tasks done with other roasters. As well as giving Røst as much data on how to best support their potential users in the future.

Maybe there will be some coffee here as well?

 Elise Solberg Hjermann

Elise Solberg Hjermann


Elise Solberg Hjermann
Sales and strategy intern

I have a bachelor degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian Business School. I have just finished the first year of my master´s degree in Finance and Strategic Management at Copenhagen Business School, and is this summer working as intern at RØST Coffee. This internship is a great opportunity to gain experience related to my studies and interests.

I am working as Sales and Strategy intern and my focus is to understand the business and the coffee market.  I have to identify the needs and trends in the market, and how RØST should position in order to meet those needs. Together with Elsa, I will work on how to strengthen the company´s position in the market. 

I look forward to use what I have learned during my studies to understand the coffee industry and how to succeed in it. I look forward to contact potential customers and distributors and discuss the business. Furthermore, this internship gives me a unique opportunity to learn and develop my professional and personal skills.

 Elsa Marie Holten

Elsa Marie Holten


Elsa Holten
Marketing and communication intern

I have just finished my bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Administration at NHH, and I am very much looking forward to working in Røst this summer. I will take a major in marketing and brand management on my master, and this is therefore an unique opportunity to gain experience in this area before I specialize. 

In Røst I have already arranged and taken pictures of the Røst, made a new website, invented and started this blog, and worked with a new design-profile on Instagram. Through the rest of the summer I will among other tasks be working with this blog, our SoMe-channels and focusing on making Røst visible and well known in the coffee industry. 

The internship in Røst is not only a great opportunity to gain experience related to what I am studying, but I also find the coffee market very interesting and the internship combines some of my main interests – design, marketing and communication.